# HonestElections2020

Comments About the Article From Gateway Pundit

Article here: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/seven-days-january-living-former-secretaries-defense-warn-trump-election-fight/

First look at the character these (alleged) “men”, they all are associated with the biggest false flags in this nations history, and some of the largest foreign “sell out deals” ever. Examples: Free Trade agreements, Paris climate accord, September 11th 2001 World Trade Center tragedy, Waco Texas, Ruby Ridge, Afghanistan war campaign, WMD’s in Iraq, The DESTRUCTION of Libya, sell out of the US patten office to CHINA under SLICK WILLIE’S watch, The Bundy Ranch stand off, the COLD BLOODED MURDER of Robert LaVoy Finicum, or how about the Iranian “nuclear deal”. And MOST CURRENTLY, The four years well actually, five year, the WITCH HUNT to REMOVE our current dually elected President Donald John Trump over FAKE Russian collusion delusion hoax!

These are only SOME of the WICKEDLY GROSS VIOLATIONS these TRADERS were involved with!

I haven’t even mentioned the highjacking and attempted THEFT of the 2020 Presidential election that as CRIMINALS, they need Joey (pee pads) Biden and (knee pads) Harris to finish the heist.

Why did the named boys in the Gateway Pundit article”pen” this “letter” that states, (and I quote): The ten surviving former U.S. secretaries of defense co-signed a Washington Post op-ed published Sunday that warns President Trump and his Defense Department appointees the election is over, the time for questioning the results has passed and they better not involve the military in the election fight.

Here’s my humble opinion why… They are ALL GOING TO FACE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION for, oh I don’t know maybe TREASON! These so called “leaders” are complicit in many crimes against our nation, against the people of the Republic, and crimes against HUMANITY and GOD! In their blatant arrogance they overlooked, the will of “We The People”, everyday run of the mill Concerned Americans For Honest Elections. These TRADERS are now SEEING THE JIG IS UP!

Hey boys!! (I do not mean to insult any parents who have male children by using the term “boys” by the way) You have OVERSTEPPED your boundaries. You will no longer impose your fraud and communist plans on this Republic.

The Sleeping Giant has awoken and we have had ENOUGH! We The People are going to remind each and EVERYONE ONE of you turn coats of something. It is our MONEY that paid you, that simply means YOU WORKED FOR US! We are not owned by you, big tech, Nancy or Chuckie, or China Mitch.

After We The People straighten out this election fraud THEFT. You kids are next!