# HonestElections2020


Have a look at this. We were on the ground January 6th in the swamp (MUST WATCH)


We The People made it know to the CRIMINALS, they are running SCARED, by the way. We will not tolerate a TREASONOUS TYRANNICAL takeover of OUR Republic.

IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND the following. The alleged storming of the the Capitol building all the talking heads are labeling as “terrorism” is NOT TRUE.

The United States Capitol Police were CAPTURED ON VIDEO, opening the barricades, allowing known members of Antifa and BLM into the United States Capitol building in Washington DC and leading them to various places inside the building. Dressed as and labeled as Patriots, and Trump supporters.

There are many many other fact that will be noted on this site in the next day or two.

I would also refer you to, naturalnews.com


In my opinion, Social Media, MSM, Antifa, BLM and the TRAITORS in our Government, including many elected officials, multiple traitors in the FBI and other alphabet soup agencies have run a very sophisticated yet simple to manage psyop on the population regarding the events of January 6th 2021.

We captured multiple images of the racist, white nationalist too!

Oppps! Wait!!! You mean the talking heads didn’t see these American Trump supporters everywhere you looked?

8:09 AM eastern time

People continued to poor in from three separate directions for the next four hours.

Just a few Americans showed up….

The traitors are going to throw the kitchen sink at “We The People” now. Showing up at OUR HOUSE, (the Capitol Building) that they believe is their isolation bubble. We SENT CHILLS down theirs spineless backs, SHAKING THEM at their very core that is rotten!

It is NOT the time to quit. It is not time to hide. It is time to PRESS them.

More to come, and most importantly, Men get ready and ask other Men to get ready and be ready.

We are Americans, We are a nation founded under GOD THE ALMIGHTY! We draw our strength and boldness from Him!

We were not given a Spirit of fear, instead we are told to be Bold As Lions!

I will leave you with this for today:

John 8:32, Jesus said “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”